The Witches of Williamsburg Tour in Williamsburg, VA

E Duke of Gloucester StWilliamsburg, VA 23185
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The Witches and Pirates Tour is not currently available.

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Discover the harrowing details of the 1600s witch trials as you walk down Williamsburg’s darkest, most haunted streets late at night. As you keep an eye out for famous ghosts such as Ida Jones, your costumed guide will tell you the tales of Blackbeard’s crew, Jones Graveyard, and other haunted spots throughout the greater Williamsburg area. But stay alert! You never know who—or what— you’ll meet along the way.

Good To Know

  • The only witch tour in Williamsburg!
  • The Witch tour meets in front of the Capitol Building on the Cul-de-Sac at E. Duke of Gloucester Street.
  • Free evening parking is available in the Tavern Lot on E. Francis Street.
  • Follow a knowledgeable, costumed guide down the dark streets of Williamsburg.
  • Tours operate rain or shine.


from The Witches and Pirates Tour
The ONLY witch tour in Williamsburg, given in the late night hours, hear gruesome details of the 1600s witch trials, while you walk down the darkest street in town. Your costumed guide will take you for an eerie walk to the jail, where Blackbeard's crew were held in dark, dank cells. Look carefully for Ida Jones, as she hovers over her grave, at the Jones Graveyard. Hear of the conspiracy connected with Blackbeard's skull.

Your guide will share with you the many ways in which they decided if someone were a witch or not. You will hear of Blackbeard and his crew, town conspiracy, some historical trivia and even a little bit of ghosts thrown in.
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The Witches and Pirates Tour is located at E Duke of Gloucester StWilliamsburg, VA 23185
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Frequently Asked Questions about The Witches and Pirates Tour

How long is the tour?
Approximately 1 hour long.

Where does the tour meet?
The tour meets in front of the Capitol Building on the Cul-de-Sac at E. Duke of Gloucester Street.

Is parking available? 
Yes. Free evening parking is available in the Tavern Lot on E. Francis Street.

What is a ghost tour?
Your tour guide will tell ghost stories, while walking you through town, in the dark night, by candlelight. You will hear of ghostly encounters which have been thoroughly researched and documented. We never embellish our stories. What you hear are true experiences and sightings of ghosts.

Do we get to go inside the buildings?
Since we conduct our tours in the historic area of Williamsburg, no ghost tours are allowed to enter these 18th-century buildings. You may walk up to the buildings, however, once the tour is over.

Do we need to purchase our tickets in advance?

What is your ticket cancellation policy?
All tickets are non-refundable.

What happens if it rains?
Bring an umbrella! Ghost and witch tours are conducted rain or shine. If the conditions become hazardous or severe, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. We recommend dressing appropriately for all weather conditions. We will contact you if the ghost or witch tour is canceled, so be certain to give us your cell phone number when you reserve.

If my tour is canceled, will I get a refund?
If we cancel your tour for any reason, you will receive a full refund or, if you prefer, you may reschedule.

Do we need to print our tickets?
You can either print your tickets or show them via your cell phone.

Are there restrooms available during the walking tour?
Restrooms are available, though generally not along our tour route. They are easily accessible a short distance away, however, so you may walk to one if need be.

How will I recognize my tour guide?
All tour guides dress in historic period costume and carry lanterns.

What is the pace of the walking tour?
All of our walking tours are taken at an easy pace. However, if you get behind, we will wait at each location before beginning to talk, again.

Is the tour suitable for children?
Yes. Tours last just about one hour. All children 6 and under attend free of charge. Please keep in mind that we do speak of deaths and murders. The details are not gory but can be a little spooky at times.

What happens if I'm late?
If you are late, you will miss the tour. Tours leave right on time, and to be fair to the whole group, we cannot wait for late arrivals, neither will we call to see where you are.

Have you had any “ghostly experiences” on the tour?
We have seen lots of ghosts on our tours, but we cannot guarantee it. Please feel free to ask your tour guide about haunted experiences in town.

It is scary?
This is a storytelling tour, not a haunted house. Nothing is staged and no employees will jump out and try to scare you. If anything happens on your tour, it is truly paranormal in nature.

Is the tour dog-friendly?
We love dogs and welcome them on all our outdoor tours. Please see that your dog is friendly, on a leash, and please be sure to bring the appropriate supplies to clean up any messes.

Is the tour wheelchair/stroller accessible?

In what language are the tours conducted?

Can I bring a camera?

Am I guaranteed to get pictures of ghosts during the tour?
It is impossible to guarantee a ghost sighting. But you may get lucky!

Am I allowed to videotape the tour?
The tour is copyrighted. There is absolutely no videotaping allowed.

May I take notes during the tour?
No. The tour is copyrighted and note taking is prohibited.

Can I bring any food or drinks with me?
Absolutely, as long as it is non-alcoholic.

Can I smoke on the tour?
Absolutely not. These are non-smoking tours, which includes cigarettes, cigars and vapor pipes.

Does the tour guide accept gratuities?
Gratuities are welcomed and are not included in the ticket price. While not required, tips are accepted and always appreciated by our tour guides.

Are ghost tours available all year long?
The tour schedule is as follows:

  • January thru March - Saturday ONLY - 9:30 pm
  • April thru May - Friday & Saturday ONLY - 9:30 pm
  • June thru August - Friday & Saturday ONLY - 10:30 pm
  • September thru December - Friday & Saturday ONLY - 9:30 pm